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Apple’s iPad slumps to new lows in the tablet world

There’s more bad news for Apple on the tablet front, as iPad sales are increasingly on the wane according to the latest figures from Strategy Analytics via Business Insider.

The analyst firm’s Global Tablet Vendor & OS report for Q4 2014 showed that the total number of shipments grew very slightly, hitting 78.4 million units, up 1 per cent from 77.2 million units in Q4 2013.

The figure was up strongly on the previous quarter last year, mind, but that’s to be expected with the Christmas shopping season – it was up 42 per cent on Q3 2014 (when 55.2 million units shipped).

Apple is still in the top spot, but according to Business Insider, the iPad’s total market share worldwide for 2014 was just 26.1 per cent, a considerable drop from its 32.6 per cent share in 2013. And a very long way away from the days when Apple had complete domination of the tablet market (for quite some time after the iPad launch).

As for Android tablet makers, Samsung is still top dog there.

Apple hopes that new iPads this year, probably including the larger-screened iPad Pro (or iPad Plus, as it might alternatively be called), will help to revitalise its slate sales – but that’s a tall order, even for a taller tablet.