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BlackBerry usage drops below 1 million in UK

For anyone hoping BlackBerry was making a sweet recovery we have some bad news, the Canadian-based mobile seller is now used by less than one million mobile users in the UK.

It follows a global slowdown of sales by BlackBerry, resulting in several markets losing all potential customers. The launch of the Classic and Passport have done nothing to reinvigorate customers.

The official number according to eMarketer is 700,000, but this could fall to only 400,000 in the next few years, as less people choose BlackBerry as their mobile option.

It puts BlackBerry fourth in the overall standings with one per cent adoption rate, to third place Windows Phone’s 8.5 per cent market share, a growing figure.

Customers moving away from BlackBerry seem to be oddly choosing Windows Phone; talk about gunning for the underdog. As BlackBerry continues to fall, Windows Phone continues to grow.

Android is still way ahead in the UK mobile market with 56 per cent market share, but the numbers do not look as positive in the next few years, with market share stagnating at 56 per cent.

Apple - on the other hand - looks to continue gaining market share after a very impressive second half of 2014. The iPhone maker sold 74 million units in Q1 2015, and a bigger portion than normal went to the UK.

eMarketer analysts project iPhone sales will go from 12.3 million to 14.3 million in two years.

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen claims the company is in reformation, as it looks to appeal to business-class customers instead of the common rabble.

BlackBerry did not comment on the report.

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