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Pebble reportedly testing the waters on Windows Phone

Smartwatch maker Pebble might be looking into creating a companion app for Windows Phone, allowing Microsoft mobile users to finally use a Pebble smartwatch.

The smartphone is critical for the set-up of the smartwatch and for push notifications. Without the phone, the Pebble smartwatch is nothing more than a glorified digital watch.

Currently Pebble operates on Android and iOS only and while rumours have been floating about a Windows Phone app, it has never come to fruition.


This is partly to do with Microsoft’s closed system and lack of APIs for push notifications, but a new update for Windows Phone 8 now allows smartwatches to receive and send notifications to a smartphone.

Even though this is available, Microsoft only allows OEM partners, contracted parties and Microsoft to use RPAL SDK, which the Bluetooth notification API is filed under.

That means Pebble would need to go through a partnership with Microsoft in order to get its application accepted onto Windows Phone.

It is a rather big hassle and why some companies like Instagram and Facebook took an awful long time to arrive. Snapchat has not even started working on its own app for Windows Phone.

This may be the second reason for Pebble’s late coming. Windows Phone only has 3 per cent of the mobile market share, an extremely low amount for a large developer to invest time in.

There has been a large surge in the amount of companion apps for fitness and health bands from providers like Fitbit, Shine, SmartThings, Insteon, Wellograph, meaning it wouldn't be a surprise for Pebble to join the trend.

It would also be a perfect time considering the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign for the Pebble Time, raising over $10 million (£6.4 million) already.

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