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Samsung stuck in the middle as Apple roars ahead

As the world’s tech companies gather in Barcelona for the biggest event of the year, brand valuation and strategy consultancy Brand Finance has released its annual review of the state of their brands.

Every year, Brand Finance puts thousands of the world’s top brands to the test. They are evaluated to determine which are the most powerful, and the most valuable.

In short, Apple has set another record with the highest brand value in history, Samsung has high hopes for its next flagship the Galaxy S6, and Twitter became the world’s fastest growing brand, nearly tripling brand value in a year.

Apple remains the most valuable brand not just in tech but across all sectors. Consumers snapped up the iPhone 6 in their droves, helping Apple set a new historic record for quarterly profits ($18billion) and for a company valuation ($702 billion). It has also registered the highest ever brand value, following a 23 per cent increase to $128.3 billion.

Samsung had been posing an increasing challenge to Apple, building a brand that had begun to rival it. However, Samsung is now threatened itself by an increasing array of lower cost Chinese brands such as Xiaomi and One Plus.

The success of the iPhone 6 means Samsung is being squeezed from both sides. Its brand value is up a modest 7 per cent but its brand rating, which indicates the strength and future potential of the brand, has been downgraded from AAA to AAA-.

Twitter is the fastest growing brand; having almost tripled its brand value in a year, increasing from $1.5 billion in early 2014 to $4.4 billion now. Baidu and Facebook have also grown strongly, by 161 per cent and 146 per cent respectively.

The three appear to be more effectively managing the transition to mobile advertising than other tech players such as Google, boosting expectations of the financial potential of their brands.

The full table can be viewed online here and the report here.