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Tim Cook spills the beans on Apple Pay rollout

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has been visiting retail stores in Europe and apparently spilled some information in Berlin to an Apple employee regarding the Apple Pay European launch date and features on the Apple Watch.

In the discussion, Cook mentioned that Apple Pay will be available in ‘Europe’ by the end of the year, but failed to give specifics on countries.

This might mean every country in the European Union, or a small selection of countries where Apple has managed to woo the major banks and retailers in the country.

Previous reports said Apple Pay was having a hard time in the UK due to one major bank not cooperating with the privacy and security issues to user’s bank information.

It is not clear if this issue is fixed, but Apple will more than likely launch in the UK anyway due to the large contactless payment adoption in the country stretching further than the US adoption rate.

Apple Pay has seen mixed success in the US over the past few months, while banks are eager to jump on board, retailers have been quite slow to adopt the service, due to their own rival services launching soon.

User adoption is also up in the air, while 1 million people have signed up for an Apple Pay account, that is 1 million out of a potential 40 million in the US alone.

Cook also gave a few hints as to Apple Watch features, claiming he uses his watch everywhere, even in the shower. This would suggest some kind of waterproofing feature, unless Cook gets replacements sent to him every week.

The CEO also claimed he charges the device every night, meaning we are looking at a potential 18 hour battery life, considering Cook goes to bed in the early hours and likes to be up at 5AM sharp.

Apple’s US launch has been swift, but Europe has oddly beenleft out for quite some time. Even in China there are already discussions of Apple Pay and Alibaba forging a relationship.

It looks like we'll have to keep on waiting for a bit longer.

David Curry
David Curry

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