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Apple Maps now features Big Ben and London Eye in real-time

After the disaster launch of Apple Maps, many wrote the service off as a dud incapable of replacing Google Maps, but two years on Cupertino is making steady gains on its rival, especially when it comes to 3D mapping.

A new feature update includes two real-time landmarks in London, Big Ben and the London Eye. When the user views the two landmarks in 3D, the London Eye will been moving, and Big Ben’s clock will move in real-time.

It is a small touch, but nonetheless shows Apple’s commitment to offering a real-time mapping application, capable of tracking the movement of landmarks.

Users will find the 3D Flyover feature on the app to watch the landmarks in real-time. Apple has expanded its flyover locations to 11 new locations, including Venice and Edinburgh.

It takes a long time to map out all of the world in 3D, especially when a lot of it is changing day-by-day, but Apple has shown it is up for the task. It still lacks one crucial feature Google Maps offers - Street View.

There are reports Apple is using mini-vans to start mapping the roads of the world, but it will take them a few years to reach the remote parts of the world Google has been able to visit, unless the two tech giants make a deal.

Even though Apple Maps might still be seen as a disaster, 4G mobile network EE claims the mapping service has made significant gains on the competition in the past year.

Hopefully this will perk Google to do more with its own mapping application, considering over 2014 not much in the line of updates were announced.

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