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Get ready for whiskey bottles to talk back

If you've ever found yourself hugging the bar, trying to drown your sorrows with endless shots of whiskey, then you probably, at some point, started talking to yourself or to the drink on the bar in front of you.

No? Just me, you say?

Well, it’s not just me, not anymore. From now on, your smartphone will do the talking to your drink for you.

Diageo, the firm responsible for your Smirnoff and Baileys induced morning headaches that last long into the day, has partnered up with electronics company Thinfilm Electronics.

The result? A Johnnie Walker Blue Label smart whiskey bottle.

The prototype of the ‘smart bottle’ promises distributors better tracking of stocks, better safety for customers and more marketing potential to the marketers.

The smart whiskey bottle is fitted with printed sensor tags that can detect when the bottle has been opened, meaning you’d know if someone was messing with your bottle before it reached the shelves.

The sensors have an NFC (Near Field Communications) device, which enables the bottle to talk to your smartphone while you’re passing by. Think of it as “Pssst, hey kid! You wanna have some fun?” – only instead of some creepy old man, it’s actually a bottle talking to you.

"Thinfilm is enabling the smart bottles to carry digital information that can be accessed via NFC smartphones," says Thinfilm CEO, Davor Sutija. "Diageo can reap the benefits of the intelligence gleaned from our smart sensors and create engaging experiences for its customers.”

The bottle is set to be showcased during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.