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Twitter makes further moves to tame trolls

Twitter has announced some new features intended to help deal with trolls which blight its service – and let’s face it, every social network or indeed online forum.

However, Twitter has previously been accused of being passive when it comes to tackling user abuse, and this move follows promises to clamp down on trolling, and the introduction of new measures at the close of last year including making it easier to report offensive or abusive tweets.

Twitter says that having streamlined this reporting process for abuse, it will also make similar streamlining moves regarding the reporting of other issues – namely folks impersonating others, spilling private information, or any issues relating to self-harming. These changes have started rolling out now, but it might be a couple of weeks before they reach your account.

The social network also noted that as well as these visible changes, work has been going on behind the scenes over the last six months to improve the processing of reports. Twitter says that due to these changes to processes – and a tripling in size of the support team dedicated to reviewing abuse and other issues – it now reviews five times the number of user reports that it did previously.

The average response time is now a “fraction” of what it was, Twitter boasts.

Finally, Twitter has also made several additional “enforcement actions” to use against accounts that flaunt its rules, which most folks won’t ever see – unless they’re used against them, of course. The social network didn’t say what these actions were, but they should obviously help to enforce the rulebook when it comes to abuse.

In a blog post, Twitter stated: “The safety of our users is extremely important to us. It’s something we continue to work hard to improve. This week’s changes are the latest steps in our long-term approach, and we look forward to bringing you additional developments soon.”

Darren Allan

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