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Whitepaper: Wuxi Lake Cloud - IBM Cloud solution reduces e-commerce service deployment times by as much as 85%

China’s first commercial cloud centre when it was founded in 2008, Wuxi Lake Cloud provides IBM Smarter Commerce-based solutions and services to the country’s emerging e-commerce market. The company employs 80 people and generated revenues of approximately USD 3.5 million in 2012.
Demanding, fast- growing e- commerce market
E-commerce in China is a dynamic industry characterised by escalating customer expectations and rapid growth. In fact, Wuxi Lake Cloud has experienced an annual growth rate of approximately 100 percent in its e-commerce business. “We’re in an emerging market and our e-commerce customers want speed,” says Paul Lu, CEO of Wuxi Lake Cloud, who points out that his company’s manual e-commerce service deployment processes created bottlenecks, resulting in deployment times of two weeks to two months. “They want their environments - each of which is unique - hosted on our cloud quickly, so we needed to be automated and more efficient in our e-commerce deployments.”

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