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YouTube celebrates 10 years with cracking compilation (video)

YouTube was founded a decade ago, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the video site, a video has been posted up detailing YouTube through the years.

The video clip was created by Luc Bergeron, director and video editor for YouTube according to the Cult of Mac.

It’s a compilation of 198 video clips stuck together, which condenses 10 years down to a lump of three and a half minutes (why he didn’t make it a round 200 clips, we’re not sure).

The clip begins with the first video ever posted on YouTube: Jawed Karim’s “Meet at the zoo”, in which Jawed starts off introducing some elephants behind him.

We then quickly move into all the YouTube classics – the lip synced “talking” dog whose master ate all the meat in his fridge, double rainbow, the weirded out kid post-dentist visit, many cats (of course) and other cute animals, babies, ball pit pranks, and Bill Gates doing his ice bucket challenge, among many other snippets.

It’s definitely worth a watch – click play above to do so.

YouTube also recently launched its Kids app, which curates content suitable for younger viewers, on iOS and Android. As well as ensuring kids don’t watch anything dodgy on the video service, it also allows parents to set time limits for usage.