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Apple Watch to be used as car keys and all-knowing health guru

The Apple Watch “official” launch event (as opposed to last autumn’s mere unveiling) is almost upon us – in fact it’s a week tomorrow – and CEO Tim Cook has been busy stoking the hype fires one last time.

Cook talked to the Telegraph about the sort of innovations Apple is planning to bring forth with its smartwatch, one of which is that the device will be usable as your car keys – replacing the chunky fobs that vehicles use these days.

This mention, of course, has drawn plenty of mumblings about how this reinforces Apple’s car ambitions – and the speculation that Cupertino has plans to make its own electric automobile in the future (not the near future, obviously – but possibly by the time 2020 rolls around).

Anyhow, back to the watch. Cook also noted that the gadget could be used for mobile payments via Apple Pay, replacing the credit card, which we were of course aware of. But he also mentioned that on the fitness front, it will do much more than just heart rate monitoring and calorie calculations.

The Apple Watch will apparently have a rewards system whereby owners get special credits if they exercise enough – and it will encourage folks to increase metabolic targets if they’re meeting current goals easily enough. As we’d already heard, it will do things like ‘tap’ you on the wrist (i.e. buzz) if you’ve not stood up or moved for some time at a desk job, to remind people to get their circulation stimulated in an office environment.

All these little bits could well add up to a healthier person, of course.

Cook did also touch on the subject of battery life – the watch will last for a full day, as expected, but the good news is that the charging process will be quicker than a phone.

The Apple Watch goes on sale in the US in April, and hopefully not long after that in the UK.