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Spotify update brings song lyrics to your desktop

Song lyrics can sometimes be confusing - think Jimi Hendrix "excuse me while I kiss the sky" that people mis-heard as "excuse while I kiss this guy".

Numerous other examples exist, including prominent ones from Bruce Springsteen and The Police. Many times we're left completely confused and searching lyric websites to see if the ear deceived us.

Now music streaming service Spotify aims to save you a trip to A-Z Lyrics, or whatever site you use.

The company is bringing the lyrics to you, right in the desktop app. The update will utilise Musixmatch, a service that has a good reputation for getting things right, regardless of how confusing it may sound.

A button will now appear while you play your tune - click it and you'll see exactly what the lyrics are. While that is the big feature in this latest update, it is not the only one.

The Friend Feed has been improved so that you can better find out what those in your circle are listening to these days. Also added is a new daily viral chart so you can find the hottest tracks of the moment.

Didn't get all of these features yet? There's a reason - "These updates will roll out gradually to all desktop users over the coming weeks", Spotify informs. So sit tight and good things will be coming to you.