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MWC 2015: Samsung and IKEA join forces for wireless charging

IKEA recently announced a flurry of new desks, tables and lamps fitted with wireless charging ports for users, part of the Swedish furniture makers integration with the newer generation.

This new integration might have not come out of the blue however, with a new report claiming IKEA’s partnership with Samsung on the Galaxy S6 was the main reason for the surge in products supporting wireless charging.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both support Qi standard wireless charging, the same as IKEA’s furniture. Having this integration in the home could make users more likely to switch to wireless charging, rather than traditional wired ports.

Samsung has been fully committed to the idea of a smart home, and the partnership with IKEA is a small step towards making regular furniture serve another purpose.

Most smartphones, tablets and e-readers tend to spend a lot of time on a bedroom table or near a lamp, making IKEA’s products perfect for integration with wireless charging.

The issue right now is the lack of wireless adoption from other manufacturers like Apple, HTC and Xiaomi. Motorola and Nokia have both dabbled in the technology, but nobody is making a firm step to really push it over wired charging.

Apple is obviously the main provider when it comes to making a standard relevant. Qi charging is the most popular standard, but unless Apple endorses it with the iPhone 6S and iPad, it will remain one standard in a pool of other potential standards.

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