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New AVG Zen security platform is ready for the Internet of Things

AVG has unveiled the latest version of its multi-platform security tool hoping to prepare and safeguard individuals against the growth of the Internet of Things.

With the number of connected devices expected to rise massively over the next few years, the next version of AVG Zen takes a family-first approach to security that protects people as well as devices and personal data.

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As part of this people-centric approach, AVG Zen will offer users a subscription security service that lets them manage their digital lifestyle, no matter how many connected devices they have. It also includes optional family locator services and phone management. This can help give parents peace of mind, by enabling them to manage and monitor their child’s mobile activity remotely.

The latest version of AVG Zen also provides mobile operators with a platform to send consumers important notifications informing them if they are running low on internal storage or approaching their data limit, for example.

Late last year, AVG called for increased regulation on the Internet of Things in order to protect children, with company CTO Yuval Ben-Itzhak arguing that companies shouldn’t be able to “simply track and share my children’s data by default.”

Now it seems AVG has taken matters into its own hands by offering consumers a simpler and more effective way of securely managing multiple connected devices.

“People not only want their online rights to be recognized, they want more control and responsibility over their online actions and those of family members. But today, their online experience is still disconnected,” explained Ben-Itzhak. “Mobile operators and online security companies hold a trusted position in consumers’ lives and we have the opportunity to transform their connected experience by bringing everything together all in one central place.”

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The latest version of the AVG Zen platform is currently being previewed by mobile operators and device manufacturers with a consumer release scheduled for later this year.

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