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Pebble launches third-party smartwatch band market

Pebble is still one of the most prominent faces in wearable tech, even with Google launching Android Wear and a seemingly endless amount of wearables launched at Mobile World Congress and the Consumer Electronics Show.

In order to maintain its key position, Pebble will look towards sparking developer interest, by launching a third-party smartwatch band store.

The bands will be removeable on the Pebble Time and recently announced Pebble Time Steel (opens in new tab), meaning band makers could launch their own unique versions. Most of the revenue will be given to the developer, as an incentive to keep working on the store.

It is one of the first moves by a smartwatch brand to integrate smaller accessory companies. Sensor modules could be a big thing in the future for users who want to check heart-rate or calories burned in a running session.

Having these sensors on the band instead of the smartwatch means Pebble can continue iterating the design to be thinner, hopefully making it less like a geeky digital watch and more of a standout classical watch.

Pebble Time has already raised $12 million (£7.8 million) on Kickstarter, where the first batch will launch. The second batch should be ready shortly after, and the amazing turnout from the Kickstarter crowd might mean increased sales worldwide.

Still, the Apple Watch launch is only around the corner and while the band store might interest a few buyers, the Pebble Time will live or die depending on the early success of Apple’s own wearable.

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