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Pebble adds steel option to Pebble Time lineup

If you were generally interested in the Pebble Time smartwatch, but were pushed away by its plastic build, Pebble hears you.

The smartwatch company announced today a stainless steel version of its device, dropping the plastic material, and adding both leather and steel straps.

The Pebble Time Steel will come in three different colours – black, silver and gold, and will have almost identical dimensions.

It will be 1mm thicker, to make room for a larger, more durable battery which now lasts up to 10 days, unlike the old one which had a lifespan of some seven days on a single charge.

Otherwise, the watch is the same as its non-steel counterpart, with a colour display, microphone, and new “Timeline” operating system.

The steel version adds more class to the Pebble smartwatch line, expanding the potential market to more than just casual and sporty activities.

The company also gave more information about the ‘Smartstraps’. It will create an open platform to allow developers to create things the company didn’t think of (or doesn’t have the time to produce), which would fit in the watch’s strap.

Those could include a heart rate monitor, or an extra battery to give the watch even more life.

However, the watch is still unavailable for purchase. It can be pre-ordered via Kickstarter for $250 (£163), with leather and steel straps included.

After the campaign ends, it will cost $300 (£195). The good thing about the new addon is that those backers who pledged money for the plastic version, but want the steel one can do it without leaving the queue. They can simply upgrade their order.