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Tinder launches age-dependent premium service

Tinder has announced a premium version which will cost you money – especially if you're over 30.

In a move which some media described as “sleazy” and others as “borders on age discrimination”, the matchmaking start-up Tinder published a premium version, adding some interesting options, but also forcing people to pay – and the payment varies on how old you are.

In the U.S., users under 30 will pay $9.99 (£6.50) per month, while those 30 and older will pay $19.99 (£13.00) for the same service.

The new features include Passport and Rewind, as well as "unlimited liking capabilities", as written on the Tinder blog.

This leads us to conclude that the non-premium users will have limited liking capabilities?

"It’s not a set number," Pambakian said via email to Mashable.

"It’s based on an algorithm, and in some cases it is individual. The vast majority of our audience will never hit any swiping barrier."

The two features, Passport and Rewind, are based on the wishes of users.

Passport enables users to change their location before swiping, meaning they can search for a match in any place in the world.

“It's like teleporting to a different location. Search by city or drop a pin on the map and you can begin swiping, matching and chatting with Tinder users in a destination of your choice,” it says in the post.

Rewind allows users to undo their last swipe, and it’s there because a lot of users change their mind the moment they swipe.

“If you accidentally swiped left on someone you want to get to know, they're no longer lost in the Tindersphere forever. Now you can get him/her back with the touch of a button.”

All of these features will make sure people are honest when swiping, Tinder believes.

Sead Fadilpašić

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