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AVG Business Secure Sign-On helps smaller firms combine security and mobility

AVG has launched a new security service in partnership with identity management firm Centrify that provides a secure way for small and medium sized businesses to manage their mobile devices.

With mobility now a core tenet for businesses, employees and customers alike, AVG Business Secure Sign-On (SSO) looks to resolve the security hurdles associated with BYOD policies.

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AVG’s new service has already been positively received by a number of companies including UK computer firm Simpology. Company director Lee Frankham said that the platform had the potential to provide a real boost for smaller businesses.

“AVG Business SSO allows AVG partners to offer much needed help to those small business customers who are struggling with the issues of bring your own device (BYOD) and password management,” he explained. “Now, we can roll out services that give our customers simple, secure management of their users’ mobile device data and applications in a matter of a few clicks.”

With the rise of the Internet of Things, cloud computing and BYOD, businesses must be more flexible and agile than ever before. Organisations without large budgets or internal IT staff can struggle to enable this mobility and keep corporate and personal data secure.

AVG Business SSO provides organisations with a number of features that help them stay secure affordably. It offers a single secure sign-on policy with multi-factor authentication for any device, enabling businesses to control their mobile data more effectively.

It also facilitates efficient password management by eliminating the risk of re-using passwords and improves employee productivity by removing the need to remember multiple sets of log-in details. The platform also promises to integrate seamlessly with more than 2,500 of the most popular cloud-based apps including Office 365, Salesforce and LinkedIn.

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AVG Business SSO is available immediately and is one of many new additions to the AVG Business portfolio. The anti-virus firm also confirmed the rollout of several new updates to its AVG Business CloudCare service.

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