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Buzz Aldrin-endorsed iOS game banned by Apple

Space simulation games are a real treat most of the time, but Apple is looking to kill the buzz by banning a Buzz Aldrin-endorsed mobile game, due to the game containing “well known third-parties”, a ban Apple drop from time to time.

The real issue here is Buzz Aldrin endorsed the game - named Buzz Aldrin Space Program Manager - and both developer Polar Motion and publisher Slitherine make no attempts to hide the fact Aldrin has personally backed the iOS app.

Normally the “third-parties” ban refers to when an app uses a celebrity or important person without the person’s permission, but it has been lax when it comes to blocking some apps, like a new app that features Kim Jong-Un as a main character.

Aldrin has even had a big hand in the development of the title according to Slitherine, making it even more questionable why Apple decided to remove it from the Apps Store.

Apple is obviously reviewing thousands of entries every day, meaning it cannot get them all right, but when the app has quotes direct from the mouth of Buzz Aldrin it does bring serious questions to Apple’s quality checking.

The review process has also come under fire for its backwards rules, including banning Paper’s Please for nudity earlier in 2014. This was overruled a few months later, after Apple’s review team noticed that the nudity in the game was a key part of the pervasive design of being a border control guard.

A few months ago reports said Apple was struggling to create new rules, and change older rules on its Apps Store due to conflict at the top of the food chain between executives.

It seems some executives want more apps to be allowed on the store, but others want to censor certain material and make sure the store is friendly for all ages.

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