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Leaked Windows 10 build 10022 screenshots

A week ago we had our first look at Windows 10 Professional Technical Preview Build 10022 (opens in new tab) in the form of screenshots from renowned Russian Windows leaker Wzor (opens in new tab). There was also some screens and release notes for build 10014.

As you might expect that was just the start of the leak, and more screenshots from Build 10022 have appeared on the web (again from Wzor), including ones showing off the desktop, Settings, Task View and more.

The first thing to say is the changes on show in Build 10022 are minimal. If you’re hoping to see a ton of new features or improvements then you will be disappointed. It looks as if the new build is mostly focused on under the hood improvements.

That said, it’s always good to see how things are progressing with the new OS.


Changes we have noted are the "New desktop" button in the Task View UI has shifted over to the right (rather than appearing next to existing desktops), which seems like a much more sensible location for it. The bar with the desktops in has gained some transparency too. The rather weird icons, which I’m really not a fan of (is Microsoft employing children in its art department now?), can be seen clearly in the desktop shot.

system and security

Microsoft didn’t release a new version of Windows 10 last month, so it’s hoped we’ll see a new build pushed out soon.