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MWC 2015: ZTE launches range of fitness-focused smartwatches

ZTE has launched three new smartwatches at Mobile World Congress this week, in an attempt to win over three of the sub-markets interested in wearables: runners, fitness trackers and health nuts.

The Venus G1 will feature a GPS chip made for runners, giving them detailed map information and routes. The Venus S2 will feature all of the fitness stats on its own operating system. The ZTE Business Intelligence Watch (excellent name by the way) will work similar to the Withings Activité, sending health information back to a smartphone app.

All three of the smartwatches will offer higher battery life than the normal Android Wear watch, in exchange for no touch-screen functionality. It works as a feeder for a mobile app, rather than offering any services on its own.

ZTE is using the same tactic Withings has popularised, but it is still unknown whether people want to give up the touch-screen features and some sensors for an arguably better looking watch.

The ZTE smartwatches are not especially impressive, making the argument against owning an Android Wear smartwatch or the Apple Watch all to do with battery life and watch usage.

One feature ZTE does have an advantage on is health information, since it has partnered with some of the leading health companies to offer more tracking for fitness and health nuts.

On the Venus G1, the battery life is sorely lacking any real oompf, but it does come with GPS tracking and other fitness features to make up for the lack of touch-screen.

Prices were not disclosed, but the ZTE smartwatches will launch in China on Q2 2015. No word on whether it will come to Europe.

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