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PhotoMath app released on Android

Apple and Windows users are no longer the only ones capable of using their smartphone’s camera to solve math tests.

PhotoMath, the world’s first camera calculator developed by UK/Croatia developer firm MicroBlink, is now available for the Android platform.

The iOS version is up and running for a few months now and is already used to solve more than eight million math problems every month.

The new Android version will bring the popular educational app to even more users all over the world.

Photomath is the world’s first smart camera calculator that reads and solves mathematical problems in real time, making math easy and simple. The combination of computer vision technology and intelligent expert system solves math expressions in a human-like manner.

The user simply points the camera towards a printed mathematical expression and the app instantly gives the answer. It's not only fun, but it's also a useful learning tool, as it provides a step-by-step solution of a given math problem.

Along with the Android version, packed into a beautiful Material Design app, come new features and usability improvements. The app now provides better support for high school level math (quadratic equations, inequalities, absolute value, and simple equation system). Also, there is a completely new and simpler way of displaying math solutions and the app is even faster than before.

In only three months PhotoMath has accumulated over 10 million downloads on iOS and almost a million on Windows Phone and in January was used to solve more than million math problems.