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YotaPhone 2 to be sold through Indiegogo In US

The YotaPhone 2 has been available to check out at Mobile World Congress, but for Europeans the dual-screen smartphone - one part LCD and one part E-Ink - is already available to purchase for £555 on YotaPhone’s store.

In the United States however, YotaPhone 2 is yet to launch. The leaders of the smartphone team claim it will go on sale this year, but through an Indiegogo campaign to raise awareness of the smartphone.

The Indiegogo campaign will start in a few months and will be a good eye-opener for fans of the YotaPhone, who want to have a normal and E-Ink smartphone. The campaign should feature bumpers as incentives to pick up the device.

It will be available on AT&T or T-Mobile USA for around $599 at launch, a bit of a price decrease compared to the current exchange rate in the UK and Europe.

YotaPhone originally started in 2013 with the launch of its first dual-screen device, claiming for reading and other tasks, an E-Ink display saves more battery life and is actually easier to use.

The LCD display would be used for when owners want to view videos or call a friend, but it provided an incentive to using the E-Ink display, saving a few hours of battery per day.

The YotaPhone 2 was first shown off in early 2014 with a brand new curved design, but did not release until late in 2014. It is still unavailable in most parts of the world, with the company’s roots in Russia clearly working against them when it comes to mainstream global adoption.