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FitBit gets personal with FitStar acquisition

FitBit, the most popular fitness tracking wearable manufacturer, is buying FitStar, an app which specialises in creating customised workout routines based on a user's body data and activity.

The two companies have been working together for quite some time now, and even though they will still remain as two separate companies, the purchase will bring more depth to the cooperation.

FitStar users will be able to publish their workouts immediately to the Fitbit app, and soon the apps will have single sign-on between them.

Accoring to research conducted by NDP, FitBit has a 72 per cent market share, making it extremely dominant. That's exactly why it often comes under pressure for being an entry-level gadget, and not giving its customers more advanced features.

"There's always more we can do for our users," James Park, CEO of Fitbit, told Mashable. "We track all this data, and people can visualise it on, but what do you do with it afterwards? We've been interested in very personalised coaching, coaching that takes into account to your biometric data and creates dynamic workouts."

And that is where FitStar comes in: "When we thought about who we wanted to combine forces with, Fitbit was the obvious choice," says Mike Maser, CEO of FitStar. "Being the market leader and having the best heart-rate products — we're very excited about heart rate on the wrist."

The Apple Watch is showing its teeth even before it was born. The wearables manufacturers have been very lively lately, trying to get as much head start as they possibly can, before the behemoth emerges.