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Tesla voices concerns over car customisations

Tesla Motors Inc. released a list of potential threats to its business, and among those is an interesting detail – homemade customisations to cars.

Tesla fears that if customers “customise our vehicles or change the charging infrastructure with aftermarket products, the vehicle may not operate properly, which could harm our business." It said that "automobile enthusiasts" prone to hacking Teslas for performance reasons could compromise built-in safety systems.

It’s like fearing that overclocking your computer to get an extra 200 GHz could hurt your business, because that extra 200 could actually kill a person.

Driver seats in Tesla cars were already ‘victims’ of customisation, which led to a reduced effectiveness of airbags, the company said.

Other customers have changed wheels and tires, while others have installed large speaker systems that may impact the electrical systems of the vehicle, the company said.

Tinkering with the battery has also been mentioned as a potential threat.

“We have not tested, nor do we endorse, such changes or products. In addition, customer use of improper external cabling or unsafe charging outlets can expose our customers to injury from high voltage electricity.

"Such unauthorised modifications could reduce the safety of our vehicles and any injuries resulting from such modifications could result in adverse publicity which would negatively affect our brand and harm our business, prospects, financial condition and operating results."

The main thing Tesla fears is the delay and complications in design, manufacturing and launching, as well as a complication in the production ramp of Model X and future vehicles such as Model 3.