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Here's a definitive look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge

Fresh from the unveilings at MWC 2015, Samsung has released official unboxing videos for its two latest Android devices -- the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Published on YouTube, the video clocks in at under three and a half minutes -- no epic-length unboxings here! -- and gives us a close-up look at the flagship handsets.

Both devices appear in fairly unassuming, plain white boxes, unadorned with imagery or other distractions, but it's the contents that everyone is interested in. It's the Galaxy S6 Edge that is unwrapped first, and fans of the Galaxy series are sure to be impressed by what they see.

The screen is the undoubted star of the Galaxy S6 Edge and we're immediately treated to a view of using the phone to watch videos. If you've wondered what the point of the curved screen edges is, Samsung demonstrates how when the phone is placed face down, notification lights can still be seen along the length of the device. You're also shown how the curved edge provides easy access to contacts and can alert you to different types of message.

Slightly less exciting is the non-edgy Galaxy S6 -- which is probably why it appears second in the video. The lack of curved screen means that the side of the phone shows off the metal framework rather than notifications, and this is something that Samsung is proud of. Despite the lack of curvature, Samsung is still keen to showcase the S6's high-quality screen... cue close-ups of HD video footage.

You might not be able to go hands-on yourself just yet, but this is a good substitute in the meantime.