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Huawei gets the nod for next Google Nexus device

When it comes to the next Nexus device from Google, according to analyst firm iSuppli, a new manufacturer will be stepping up to the plate – along with an established one.

That new player will be Huawei, so says Kevin Yang, director of China research at iSuppli, Gizmo China reports.

If true – and the source is certainly reputable – it’ll be the first time Google has turned to a Chinese phone vendor for Nexus duties, but it’s not too surprising given that Huawei is now a major force in the mobile market not just in China, but globally.

In a recent report from Gartner, Huawei was found to be the fourth largest phone vendor in the world, behind only Apple, Samsung and Lenovo (the latter now incorporating Motorola).

Previous Nexus devices have been made by Samsung, HTC and LG – and the latter company will apparently also be making a Nexus device this year, too. Either there’ll be two Nexus smartphones coming, perhaps one budget affair (unlike this year’s model, which left a nasty taste in some folks’ mouths with its price tag, not to mention its size), or one of these vendors is making the Nexus tablet.

As ever, this is all still very much at the speculation stage, and we’ve a long time to go before we start getting to the next Nexus launches.