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Microsoft announces Xbox Live SDK and more at GDC 2015

Microsoft has been actively dishing out new information on Windows 10 and Xbox at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, but most of the news has been blurred out by Valve’s huge announcements in VR at the event.

The most important announcement is the Xbox Live SDK being available for Windows 10, meaning Xbox developers will be able to port games onto Windows 10 easily.

Microsoft claims most of the APIs will be available for developers and sales will be done through the Windows Store. Microsoft is also working on making Xbox Live more available to indie developers.

Windows Universal App Platform was also talked about at the keynote, and Xbox will be included in this universal app store, meaning in the future gamers might be able to buy a game on Xbox One, then re-download it on Windows Phone and Windows 10 tablet.

For the first few years, Microsoft expects some hiccups as it works on making phone apps not look too blown up on PC displays, or games to work regardless of the performance, but it has high hopes the universal app store will solve its lack of apps.

Cross-buy will be adopted on all apps going cross-platform, meaning once a customer pays for the app it stays logged into the account forever. No matter how many times it is downloaded, as long as it is on the account, it will be free after one purchase.

Microsoft is expanding its developer tools through Universal Developer Center, and showed off some of the new features coming to DirectX 12. Microsoft claims performance will vary, but showed 20 per cent more power while running Fable Legends.

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