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Apple Watch launch: Live blog

I can't think of another product that has had more hype surrounding its launch than the Apple Watch.

Wearables has been a growing market for some time now, but this is what everyone has been waiting for - because no market has truly 'arrived' until Apple gets involved.

In fact, the build-up has been so long and there have been so many rumours that it's hard to know where to start.

It was back in September when we first heard about the Apple Watch at the launch of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the fact that it has hardly been out of the news since will please Apple and CEO Tim Cook enormously.

Since September, the Apple Watch has been predicted to ignite the wearable market, drive the tripling of wearable device ownership in 2015 and has been featured on the front of fashion magazines in America and China.

There have, of course, been some doubters along the way, but the widespread consensus is that the Apple Watch will be a (another) huge success for a company that can now boast to be more than double the size of its closest rival.

We only have a couple of days left until Monday's launch, so be sure to check back in as we bring you all build up and the launch itself live.