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The best mobile anti-virus software available

With Mobile World Congress now behind us, we can reflect on an event dominated by innovative wearables, cutting-edge smartphones and flashy VR headsets, but which also showcased the importance of security.

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Mobility, whether for the business or consumer market, is often viewed in opposition to security, but there are a number of actions you can take to unite these two technology principles. We’ve listed five of the best mobile anti-virus packages below to help you stay secure when on the move.

360 Mobile Security Free - Android

Created by Chinese developers Qihoo, 360 Security is often claimed to be the best anti-virus package available across the Android ecosystem. In the most recent AV-Test, which took place in March 2014, it scored a detection rate of 100 per cent.

Impressive stuff, but even more remarkable when you consider that the software is completely free. 360 Mobile Security focuses on detecting threats present on your device, providing real-time scanning for viruses, spyware and any other forms of malware.

The app is very lightweight, so it won’t noticeably affect your phone’s performace, and it can even help close idle background apps to help your device run more efficiently.

Webroot – Android, iOS

One of Webroot’s best features is the way it combines mobile security with protection for your lost device.

It automatically scans app downloads for malware and provides real time phishing protection, blocking fake websites that are attempting to steal your personal information. It can also be set to block unwanted calls and messages and the premium version offers additional features like network monitoring.

Alongside its anti-virus features, Webroot provides lost device protection, enabling users to remotely lock their device and use the “scream” function to sound an alert if you think your smartphone is nearby.

Avast Mobile Security - Android

Another completely free security app, Avast Mobile Security also offers a wide range of protection features. Avast comes with all the usual tools, like app scanning and Internet protection, but its anti-theft options are more advanced than most.

Users are able to remotely control their smartphone via SMS, allowing them to wipe data, lock the SIM card or sound an alarm.

Although users will need to root their device to enable the app’s firewall, this is a small drawback for a software package rich in security features.

Trend Micro Mobile Security – Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Trend Micro Mobile Security also scores a 100 per cent detection rating according to AV-Test and emphasises privacy protection and phone management alongside its security features.

It blocks malware before installation and also comes with a privacy scanner for Facebook, letting you know if the service is trying to access your personal data.

The free version also comes with 50MB of cloud storage so you can back up photos and conacts, while its “Just-a-Phone" feature helps kill background processes to improve your device’s performance.

The number of security tools included in Trend Micro Mobile Security make a great choice for users of Android, iOS and Windows Phone and promises to safeguard against 250 million threats a day.

AVL - Android

If you’re a mobile user that wants enhanced protection, housed in a bare-bones app without any of the bloat, then AVL is the security software for you.

There may be no anti-theft or privacy protection solutions, but AVL scored 100 per cent in terms of malware detection and made no false positives. It’s simple and lightweight, which ensures it has little impact on speed and battery life as possible.

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If efficiency, stability and simplicity are what you look for in an anti-virus package then look no further than AVL.