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DDoS attacks: An all too frequent learning experience

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently attended an interview where he described the Xbox Live Christmas Day hack attack as a 'learning experience.'

Responding to these comments, Dave Larson, CTO of Corero Network Security, said: "Denial of Service attacks have been a service availability threat for over a decade. However, over the last few years these attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and multi-vector in nature, overcoming traditional security solutions and infrastructure with ease.

"Service availability is a fundamental requirement for the success of the Internet gaming business model, and today’s gaming platform giants have served as the poster children for the damaging effects of these attacks over the last several months.

"Outages and latency experienced by end users result in brand damage and most certainly impact the bottom line. I believe that the entire online gaming community is well aware of this threat vector, and unfortunately the story is being played out in a public way.

"Categorising these catastrophic attacks that major brands like Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation Network are dealing with as a learning experience is a fair assessment - however, the regularity and success of these attacks simply highlights that there is a need for a scalable solution that will properly defeat DDoS attacks, to ensure the accessibility required for gaming customers.

"It is clear that the gaming industry understands what they are up against, and the repercussions of DDoS attacks, and it is heartening to hear talk of cooperation that will enable these organisations to be better prepared to protect their networks in the future.

"Devastating DDoS attacks are no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN and before subscribers take their business elsewhere, the providers need to act.

"Gaming customers with networks protected by Corero have successfully addressed this issue with real-time DDoS protection, eliminating the impact of DDoS on their networks, and significantly improving the player experience."

Image source: Shutterstock/sibgat