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European governments still very much wary of the cloud

Governments across Europe are still reluctant to get cloudy in the main, according to a new piece of research.

The report from ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security), which was spotted by Cloud Pro, analysed government cloud deployment across a number of European nations, and examined the approaches used in four national governmental cloud models which are already deployed in the UK (G-Cloud), Estonia, Greece and Spain.

Broadly, it found that the general state of deployment in terms of government clouds across Europe was “at a very early stage”, and the adoption of government clouds is still low.

The research observed that only the UK and Spain actually had a nationwide cloud strategy which was defined and implemented.

As for the main reasons why the cloud is still being shunned by many governments – they’re the usual bugbears, namely security and privacy concerns.

The report states: “Protection of sensitive data is still an issue seeking solution, spanning from the SLA provisions to the actual technological mechanisms i.e encryption etc. Even though most countries recognise the benefits from adopting a business model like cloud (scalability, resilience, portability), they are reluctant to take the next step and migrate services to the cloud.”

As for the UK’s G-Cloud, the research observed that the CloudStore currently boasts 1,200 suppliers and 13,000 services.

ENISA offers a step-by-step guide on migrating to the cloud, and how to do so smoothly.