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Galaxy S6 and Edge reportedly have touchscreen issues

Oh dear, oh dear. The same day that Samsung's marketing chief Todd Pendleton announces he'll be leaving the company in April, reports started coming in that its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, have touchscreen issues.

Just a week after the smartphones were announced, Asia Today has reported that the touch inputs are being barely recognised near the phone's edges.

In a video posted on YouTube, it shows how the smartphone fails to recognizs touch inputs near the phone's bezels. This issue seems to be more prominent on the Galaxy S6 as a larger area of the screen seems to lack sensitivity, reports.

The issue seems to be present on the Galaxy S6 edge as well, but to a smaller degree.

Asia Today's source claims the company might not be able to solve this problem with a firmware update, as the issue might be linked to the hardware, more than the software.

Instead, they would have to change a thing or two before shipping the smartphones out of the factories.

Samsung has been struggling lately, trying to keep up with the relentless competition. Once crowned the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung has been overtaken in the USA and Europe by Apple, while the Chinese and Indian markets have been flooded by Xiaomi and Macromax and their mid and low-range phones.

Samsung has great hopes for the Galaxy S6 and Edge, expecting the new flagship models to return the Korean giants to former glory.