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Google Compare gets another weapon in its comparison arsenal

Referred to variously as Google Compare for U.S. car insurance, Google Compare for car insurance, and Google Compare for Auto Insurance, Google has just added a new string to its bow. The newly launched service lets drivers hunt down the best car insurance deal -- something which UK Googlers have been able to take advantage of for a little while already.

After handing over a few details like address, vehicle stats and the level of coverage required, Google will compare all of the available policies so you can pick the one that suits you the best. Don’t like a quote? Just increase the deductible and a new deal will be calculated for you.

Google Compare is not a completely new service -- Google already provides a way to seek out the best credit card deal -- but the move into car insurance is new and it's a great alternative to manually visiting the websites of dozens of individual insurers. Having gained a quote, you can stick with the online approach and click through to the insurer's website to complete the process, or you can phone up and provide a reference code if you need to speak to someone before parting with your cash.

Google already has a number of national and local insurance firms on board, including MetLife and Mercury, and more will be added over time. The insurance comparison service launches in California to start with, and there are plans to expand it to other states in the future. To get your quote, head over to Google Compare Auto Insurance.