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Google’s MVNO offering will be for Nexus 6 owners only

If you’ve been following MWC this week, you probably noticed a couple of big companies throwing their hats into the MVNO ring. Namely, Google and Panasonic, with the latter focusing on a connected M2M (machine-to-machine) network, although it seems Google’s effort, while consumer-focused, will have limitations too.

We first heard about Google’s (virtual) mobile network at the start of the week, with info being revealed during a talk delivered by Google’s vice president Sundar Pichai, over at Mobile World Congress.

It’s all set to happen in the US, and the plan was outlined as partnering up with Sprint and T-Mobile for cellular coverage, and meshing that with Wi-Fi to deliver a “seamless experience” for the user in terms of connectivity.

It sounds like a cool idea, but there is apparently a slight catch – the MVNO will only be available for owners of Google’s Nexus 6 handset, the WSJ (via The Verge) reports. Google did mention the service would only be available on a small scale, and it would seem that this is what the company was referring to – limiting it to Nexus 6 owners would certainly ensure traffic was manageable.

It would also allow for tight integration between software and hardware, with Google having full control over tinkering with the Nexus on the software front. All of which will add up to a better mobile surfing experience – and Google will doubtless want the service to make a solid name for itself initially.

The good news for Nexus 6 addicts over in the States is that apparently Google is planning to kick off this new MVNO offering as soon as later this month.