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Valve launches Steam Machines, Controller and Vive VR

Valve has launched a wide range of products on its new ‘Universe’ store, one part of the world of Steam. The products include the Steam controller, Steam Link, Steam Machines (third-parties included) and the HTC Re Vive VR.

For now, most of this is just placeholder. Valve is looking to launch all of the products by November, giving customers the complete PC experience through Steam.

This also bodes well for Steam OS, the platform built for gamers. Valve has not spoken much about the platform at the Game Developer Conference, but it looks set to launch around the same time as the other products in November.


Valve did show off the new Steam Controller, the first controller capable of integrating with mouse and keyboard designed PC games. It all works through the new dual trackpads, one for up-down-left-right and the other for movement. Essentially, the right trackpad acts similar to a mouse, while the left works as WASD.

Steam Controller fits alongside the range of Steam Machines launching in 2015, including consoles from suppliers like Alienware, Alternate, ASUS, Gigabyte, iBuyPower, Syber and a few others.

The Steam Machines will have different price points, ranging from $459 (£304) to $4,999 (£3314). Valve wants the consoles to offer the same portability that the Xbox One and PS4 offer, at different price points to suit the highest-end gamers and the casuals.

Steam Link will also launch in November, a $49 (£32) streaming device capable of transmitting PC games over the TV. This is perfect for gamers that do not want to sacrifice their rig, but also want to play PC games on the TV.

Last on the list is SteamVR, working through its partnership with HTC on the Re Vive VR. Valve has won over a lot of press and developers at GDC with its virtual reality platform, featuring full 360 head tracking through dual-base stations and cameras.

Valve wants SteamVR to become the ultimate platform for virtual reality, and is looking to compete heavily against Oculus, the current champion in the VR market.

Overall, a huge year for Valve, but where are all the games?