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Expert analysis on the fight against cyber-crime

On Friday, it was announced that 56 cyber-criminals had been arrested in the UK as part of an organised "strike week" across England, Scotland and Wales.

The suspects stand accused of a wide variety of crimes, including data theft and fraud, with victims ranging from members of the public to multi-national companies

David Emm, principal security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, offered his analysis of the news: "It's tempting to think that cyber-criminals operate with impunity, but police agencies are able to disrupt their activities.

"Last year, notable success stories included the taking down of the global network responsible for managing the 'GameoverZeus' botnet and the disruption of the infrastructure behind the Shylock Trojan.

"More recently, the National Crime Agency (NCA) reported that an alliance of law enforcement agencies had taken measures to disrupt the advanced global cyber-crime infrastructure behind the RAMNIT Trojan and to warn people to secure their computers from attack.

"The latest arrest of 56 people in 25 separate operations around the UK highlights the fact that law enforcement agencies operating locally are also able to achieve successes.

"Conviction of cyber-criminals is vital in the ongoing fight against cyber-crime. However, it’s also essential that we all understand the potential dangers that exist when we go online and take steps to reduce the risk we face.

"Police forces around the UK are helping to raise awareness of cybercrime, in collaboration with government, security vendors, businesses and local education authorities."