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Millions of Brits already planning Apple Watch purchase

In a new survey by enterprise application developer Conjure, 8.3 million Brits are already willing to buy the Apple Watch, with 13.25 per cent of people in the survey claiming they would shell out for that famous Apple logo.

The news comes as Apple unveils some of the crucial features of the Apple Watch like charging, battery life, apps and price.

It is a remarkable figure, considering the Apple Watch still has one month before going on sale. In the survey, 12.85 per cent of people claimed fashionableness of the smartwatch was the number one priority, a good sign for Huawei who released a well-designed smartwatch at Mobile World Congress last week.

Sadly for Apple, 12.45 per cent of people surveyed said they would only buy a smartwatch if it had more than 7 days battery life, something the Apple Watch is unlikely to feature.

Pebble Time - currently on track to be the highest Kickstarter ever - does offer 7 day battery life. The downside is it features a color E-Ink display, making things like animation, video and anything moving quite slow.

It will be near impossible for a smartwatch with an LCD display to attain 7 day battery life, considering the limitations in battery size and how hefty an LCD panel is on battery life, normally accounting for 80 per cent of the battery loss in a day.

In terms of what Brits plan to do with their smartwatch, 27.40 per cent want to be able to read texts without having to pull out their smartphone, the second highest feature behind telling the time.

Other features like navigation, keeping track of appointments, making phone calls and track exercise regimes are all high on the list too.

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