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PlayStation 4 firmware 2.50 imminent with suspend/resume mode

Want to know what’s coming in the next PlayStation 4 firmware update? Well, there are plenty of goodies, and the details have been spilled courtesy of an MVP member beta test.

Push Square reports that the new version 2.50 update will see the introduction of a suspend/resume mode – so you can freeze a session and suspend the console to use minimal power, resuming later without losing anything you were doing.

PS4 gamers will also be given the ability to remap the buttons on the DualShock 4 controller.

The other big change is Share Play will now support 60 frames per second footage, compared to the current 30 frames per second, to make for a much smoother experience when you want someone else to dip into your game for whatever reason. A facility to test the host’s connection speed has also been added.

Quite a number of other small tweaks have been applied as you’d expect, including a few adjustments to the way trophies work (with fresh sorting options, for example).

As to when version 2.50 will go live? Obviously we’re now into final testing, and indeed the release is expected very soon.

The PlayStation 4 was recently revealed as having sold over 20 million units, and it’s still firmly ahead of the Xbox One, which had flogged 10 million units as of the last time we heard back in November.