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SanDisk’s InfiniFlash storage platform promises reliable Big Data solutions

SanDisk has developed a flash storage platform that the International Data Corporation (IDC) claims has created a new category in the IT industry, called “Big Data Flash.”

The new storage system, named InfiniFlash, promises five times the density, 50 times the performance and four times the reliability of traditional hard disk drive (HDD) solutions.

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It also consumes up to 80 per cent less power than other storage platforms, making it a sound business proposition both financially and environmentally.

SanDisk’s executive vice president and chief strategy officer Sumit Sadana says that the low cost of InfiniFlash could also help flash storage achieve larger scale adoption.

“Building on our long history of industry-defining innovation, we are very excited to bring our first all flash array storage system to market in the form of a category-defining product that we expect will drive flash into big-data workloads at massive scale,” he said. “By offering InfiniFlash below $2/GB before compression and de-duplication, we are changing the industry dynamics in favour of dramatically broader flash adoption in new hyperscale and enterprise workloads.”

The growth of Big Data and increasingly complex analytics programs has seen some legacy storage solutions become inadequate for modern business needs. Enterprise firms require huge capacity, rapid speed and improved reliability, all of which can be provided by SanDisk, according to Dell’s vice president Jim Ganthier.

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“At Dell, our enterprise and Big Data customers are increasingly demanding higher performance, higher capacity solutions that are delivered in a rapid, reliable, open and cost-effective fashion,” he explained. “Solution and appliance innovations such as InfiniFlash not only address these critical customer success metrics but also deliver on the promise that Big Data insights can drive differentiated business results.”

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