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Apple Watch comes on top in smartwatch storage wars

One feature not discussed at Apple’s keynote for the Apple Watch was storage, but we now know that the smartwatch will feature 8GB of internal storage.

This is twice as much as most Android Wear devices, but Apple has set its own boundaries for users, including a max 2GB of music and 75MB of photos.

2GB of music on the Apple Watch means 200 to 250 songs, while 75MB of photos could be thousands with the downscaling resolution on the Apple Watch.

The additional 6GB of storage will most likely be for native apps on the Apple Watch and the pre-loaded apps from Apple, patches also need a good gig of space.

Apple is hoping that most tasks involve users connecting to the smartphone through Bluetooth, to avoid downloading apps, music and other media onto the Apple Watch.

This might be a good option, but reports of battery life while using Bluetooth 4.0 are not great. Reports say the Apple Watch will last 8 hours while Bluetooth is active.

There are worries Apple has not done enough to convey why the Apple Watch would be useful to the average consumer, instead showing fitness and health as the major factors for buying the smartwatch.

For users that want to read notifications, it still seems easier to just use a phone, since the Apple Watch’s form factor makes it hard to read things like emails, a full Twitter feed and even a news article.

Apple will launch the smartwatch on 24 April, and the mobile world will be watching to see if the company succeeds or fails to win over the mainstream audience.

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