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First external hard drive launched supporting MacBook USB-C connector

Apple announced a new connector for the 12-inch MacBook earlier this week, but instead of going for its own proprietary Thunderbolt or Lightning connector, it added a USB-C port to the notebook.

USB-C allows charging, USB, HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA all in one, and LaCie is one of the first external hardware providers offering a product supporting USB-C.

The Porsche Design USB-C is designed to fit with the 12-inch MacBook, both functionally and aesthetically. LaCie is targeting the new external hard-drive at Mac owners, but it could work with other PCs.

USB-C runs on USB 3.0 technology, meaning the external hard-drive will be capped at 100MB/s, quite a lot slower than the Thunderbolt speeds. The issue with Thunderbolt was almost nobody except Intel and Apple supported it.

LaCie is offering the Porsche Design USB-C in three sizes, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. It is similar to most external hard drives, but could run a premium as hardly any hard-drive supports USB-C natively.

Apple decided only one port was needed on the 12-inch MacBook, content that users would use wireless features like iCloud, AirDrop and AirPlay for most of the tasks that needed wires in the past.

It is a bold move and a necessary one to make the 12-inch MacBook so thin and light, shedding 25 per cent of its weight from the 11-inch MacBook Air.

There are worries that the 12-inch MacBook is simply a tester for Apple however, and the second generation will feature much higher specs, a cheaper price point and the same super-thin design.