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Google Calendar app finally lands on iOS

Apple device owners will finally get a chance to plan their lives, Google-style, as the big G has seen fit to launch its Calendar app on iOS.

In a post on Google+, the company simply announced: “Google Calendar for iPhone. It's about time.”

The app was revamped last November for Android, and the refreshed version rolled out along with Lollipop.

It’ll bring a number of recently introduced nifty features to iOS users, including automatically adding events to the calendar using data drawn from Gmail (so your flight bookings, gigs, restaurant bookings and so forth going through Gmail will turn up marked on the calendar with no effort on your part).

There’s also the Assists feature, which is designed to save time when you are manually entering details of an event, with it suggesting names, places and so forth in auto-complete fashion.

And the Schedule View shows photos and maps of the places you’re planning on visiting, too, which is another neat embellishment.

Google further notes the app is compatible with all calendars on your handset, including Exchange and iCloud.

The initial reception from the iOS crowd seems positive, with the app already racking up some 220 reviews, with an average four-star rating.