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Hospice staff get BYOD boost with new mobile care solution

Hospice staff may be able to increase the amount of time they care for patients in their own homes by 20 per cent with the launch of a new mobile care solution.

Healthcare IT solutions provider Advanced Health and Care is launching Crosscare Mobile, an extension of its already widely used Crosscare clinical management system for hospices.

The mobile solution will allow clinicians to update key information remotely via smartphones and tablets accessing the Internet.

According to Advanced, its new solution automates administrative tasks allowing them to be completed electronically at the point of care in order for staff to spend more time with patients, as it removes the need to travel to and from the hospice in between each visit.

Crosscare Mobile is a secure application that removes the need for clinicians to carry paper records and all updates are imported into the centrally deployed system where homecare teams and managers can access them.

The solution is encrypted and password protection, meaning it can only be accessed by authorised staff and it protects patient information at all times.

Aiding The Delivery Of Better Care

“Crosscare Mobile will enable hospice staff to spend more time with patients in their own homes – an essential element of effective palliative care,” claimed Advanced’s managing director Jim Chase.

“Releasing care staff from their administrative burden and the need to travel is key to helping them provide patients with the same high level of care that they would receive in a hospice.

“This launch underlines our commitment to providing highly secure solutions that optimise efficiency and productivity in hospice care market.

“We have developed this innovative solution based on our understanding of the sector and wide experience of providing organisations with technologies which provide a rapid return on investment,” he added.