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Samsung Galaxy S6: the best smartphone display in the world

The Galaxy S6 is getting a strong reception from critics, and another tick in the box is the latest rating from DisplayMate, the screen testing experts.

Indeed, DisplayMate has just crowned the Galaxy S6’s display as the best in the smartphone world – albeit tied with Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 4.

Dr Raymond Soneira observed: “The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4 are neck-and-neck record holders for display performance, effectively tied or alternating between first and second place in almost all categories except screen size for the much larger Galaxy Note 4, and the much higher pixels per inch for the Galaxy S6.”

The conclusion of the S6’s test is: “The Galaxy S6 matches the Galaxy Note 4 in overall display excellence and record performance and joins it as the Best Performing Smartphone Display that we have ever tested.”

The Galaxy S6 display, which offers a startling 577 ppi, matched or set new records in a large number of display categories, including most pixels per inch, highest absolute colour accuracy and contrast ratio, highest peak brightness, contrast rating, and screen readability in ambient light.

That’s a pretty big win, in other words. Samsung is expecting the Galaxy S6 to recover from the downturn in sales experienced from the S4 to the S5, and indeed the company has already upped its production target for the number of S6 units it’ll produce in April by a million. Samsung is starting to get its smartphone confidence back, it would seem…