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Apple Watch sees Jawbone Up and FuelBand expelled from Apple stores

Apple has given the old heave-ho to competing fitness wrist-wear, as it prepares to launch its smartwatch.

Yes, the Apple Watch goes on sale April 24, and Cupertino, laying the groundwork to help the device sell the most it can, has expelled fitness bands including the popular Jawbone Up and the Nike+ FuelBand from its retail stores over in the States.

Recode reports that Apple has ditched the competing products from major outlets in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Los Angeles and New York – and probably others, too.

This, however, is just a continuation of a policy Apple has pursued since the first unveiling of its smartwatch, following which Fitbit got the elbow from stores.

Earlier this week, Apple showed its smartwatch off again, making a few more details available in the official launch event, including the battery life – which is a claimed 18 hours, and that sounds impressive, but exactly what ‘typical’ usage it represents, well, we’ll have to see – and of course the price. The eye-watering price, in the case of the gold Edition version, certainly, which tips the scale at a ridiculous £8,000.

At the other end of the scale, you can of course expect cheap fakes, and indeed the knock-offs have already started popping up over in China costing as little as £30.