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Data Centre World: Siemens launches latest version of Datacentre Clarity LC

Siemens has unveiled the latest version of its Datacenter Clarity LC platform, a software solution that promises businesses more efficient data monitoring and management.

The newest addition to Siemen’s data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) portfolio combines information from vital subsystems that traditionally operate in isolation to form a single, powerful solution, bridging the divide between IT and facilities processes.

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Ultimately, Datacenter Clarity LC will provide users with a single dashboard capable of displaying assets through 3D modelling to help lower business costs and energy usage.

In addition, Datacentre Clarity LC is able to utilise Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis technology in combination with environmental monitoring to provide real-time energy management. The enables the software to identify problem areas, such as hot spots, in advance so they can be managed before disaster strikes. Siemens’ platform is the only one to offer both CFD analysis and real-time environmental monitoring within a single DCIM platform.

With the amount of data being collected, stored and analysed increasing on a daily basis, data centres and their management are becoming even more vital for organisations. For some companies, data is their most valuable asset, so reliable data centre infrastructure is now a highly competitive industry.

Although Siemens was previously associated with the mobile phone industry, the German company has a long-running involvement in the data centre business. In fact, Datacenter Clarity LC is actually based on the firm’s Produce Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, which has been in use for more than 20 years and was even utilised by NASA to design and assemble the Mars Curiosity Rover.

Portfolio manager DCIM for Siemens’ data centre team, Phillipe Heim, believes that Datacenter Clarity LC’s new features will give businesses some genuine benefits.

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“Datacenter Clarity LC now includes a browser-based 3D application, providing an intuitive and portable solution that facilitates deployment, usage and accessibility with no local footprint,” he said. “This new web client interface is cross-browser and cross-device compatible to include tablets for maximum convenience and ease of use.”

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