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Introducing Glovys: The glove-friendly touchscreen

There are only a couple of things in this world more annoying than rain or extreme cold while you're trying to text your 'bae'.

Jose Mourinho, and Justin Bieber's first three albums would be on that list (protip: Justin Bieber has a total of three albums).

But soon enough, if luck and public goodwill serves, extreme cold could be removed from that list.

That is thanks to Oskar Marko Musić, a “maker of things” from Ljubljana, Slovenia. He created Glovys, as he says: “The world's first removable touchscreen that instantly transforms your smartphone into a glove-friendly device.”

According to the promotional video posted on YouTube, Glovys looks like a transparent layer which is easily placed on top of a smartphone, and enables the use of the device, while wearing any type of gloves.

The creation is currently on Kickstarter (opens in new tab), where it aims to reach the $15,000 (£9,990) goal, needed for production.

“Glovys is an innovative solution which bridges this gap and enables capacitive touch screens to sense changes in pressure which enables usage with gloves,” it says on the Kickstarter page.

We’ve seen similar things before, where gloves were created which were compatible with mobiles. But that forced people to use specific gloves, and if you’re a fashionista, that could be a problem. Glovys seems to be a more natural solution.

It enables all touchscreen gestures including swiping, typing, and pinching.

Glovys is made from two metaled films with laser etched transparent circuits. The top and bottom films are separated by a very small gap. When you press the two circuits together they create a discharge and activate the screen below. Without using batteries and without calibration.

It’s attached to the device by four silicone sticky pads which are located at the four corners of Glovys. It’s easily mountable, and can be removed with almost no effort. The developer says the sticky pads can be washed and reused, and it can come in different colours.

Currently Glovys is compatible with iPhones 3, 4, 5, 6 and 6 Plus, but if Kickstarter gets to be a success, we will see Glovys on more devices.

“To make Glovys compatible with more devices and enable its production I need your help. Together we can make touchscreens and gloves fall in love again,” says Oskar.

Sead Fadilpašić is a freelance tech writer and journalist with more than 17 years experience writing technology-focussed news, blogs, whitepapers, reviews, and ebooks. And his work has featured in online media outlets from all over the world, including Al Jazeera Balkans (where he was a Multimedia Journalist), Crypto News, TechRadar Pro, and IT Pro Portal, where he has written news and features for over five years. Sead's experience also includes writing for inbound marketing, where he creates technology-based content for clients from London to Singapore. Sead is a HubSpot-certified content creator.