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Nokia relaunches Here Maps on iOS

Nokia has relaunched Here Maps on iOS, after a year off the platform. The new app comes with native design, making it much easier to use and removes a lot of the performance issues stemming from a non-native app on iOS.

The launch of the iPhone app comes a few months after a relaunch on Android, briefly available on Samsung devices only due to an exclusive deal with the South Korean Galaxy smartphone maker.

It has been available on Windows Phone since the dawn, due to Nokia’s previous alliance with Microsoft. Thankfully, after the sale of Nokia’s mobile division for £4.81 billion, it is now able to work on iOS, Android and any other platform.

Here Maps offer various upgrades on Apple Maps, including full offline support with turn-by-turn locations. Nokia has also added real-time traffic updates to the mapping service recently, another feature Apple Maps does not currently support.

Even though Here Maps is popular on its own, Nokia’s real money comes from the partnerships it has with Microsoft, Yahoo and Baidu.

Its mapping platform is popular with businesses due to Nokia having no competitive drive against other internet companies, unlike Google’s own mapping service.

Nokia will still have a hard road ahead as it tries to win over iOS customers, with all of the current navigation, traffic and mapping services already available on Apple’s Apps Store.