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Anonymous hackers issue ominous warning to Kanye West

Anonymous is a very loose collective of hackers. In the video setting the record straight on #OpISIS (opens in new tab), it is described as a family that is as "divided and fractional as any more traditional, not so Anonymous family in any city, town, or isolated rural village in the world".

Almost anyone can claim to be in Anonymous, and launch their own attacks or operations, and proving the point, someone claiming to be from the hacktivist collective has released a video targeting Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian.

Whether it’s actually Anonymous behind the video is a matter for debate - although the person who uploaded it has also posted numerous other Anonymous videos, including messages to the Madison Police Department and Israel - but the new "Message to Kanye West" certainly takes no prisoners.

It describes the rapper as a "spoiled child in a grown man’s body" and criticises him for not knowing "when it is appropriate to blurt out your opinions", and for always having to "steal the moment from others who work equally as hard for their recognition". "You assume and even expect everyone else to be aligned with your personal opinions," the video states.

The message also lays into Kim Kardashian, focusing on her recent "Break the Internet" nude photos in Paper magazine.

Perhaps disappointingly the video isn’t threating to take Kanye West and his family off the internet, as you might expect from Anonymous, but is rather just a message to the rapper.

The video ends stating, "Anonymous is sounding off the 'New Renaissance' era this year for humanity and if you don't shape up then your legacy will not be included. Poor examples such as yourself will not be tolerated anymore in the new age".

What other "poor examples" of humanity should Anonymous be targeting?

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